Welcome to my slice of the World Wide Web, I have slung together these pages as a place for me to provide links and information on stuff that interests me, which you will find is mainly programming related stuff because im one of them techy, nerdy, geeky type people. I like to develop software myself (with a keen interest in 3D / game programming) and so anything I code will be appearing on these pages, probably with source code (released under the GNU General Public License) too cuz I love to share with and learn from others with similar interests to mine.

Anyways, have a look around, have fun, and I hope you find something of interest!. If you have any comments you'd like to sling my way, sling away!

Stewart and Darren at Universal Studios, Florida
Stewart (my brother-in-law) and me at Universal Studios, Florida
Looking goooood huh! :)