Game Boy Advance

I was recently fortunate enough to get my hands on a Nintendo Game Boy Advance and was extremely impressed!. Of course, being the geek that I am I just had to have a go at writing software for it myself :). This page contains small demos that I have put together whilst learning the ins and outs of how to program for the console.

To run any of these demos you will need a Game Boy Advance emulator, I have listed a few of my favourites near the bottom of the page.

View Demos Online

If you are using a Java enabled web browser, you can also view the demos online using the excellent Boycott Advance Online.

GBA Mode4 Demo Mode4 Demo

Here is my first GBA demo, basically all it does is display an image using Mode4 graphics, nothing fancy but it still taught me a lot :). The image comes from and is titled "Animorphic" by Tony Volpe.

Feel free to download the rom below and try it out on your favourite GBA emulator, it really is nothing to get excited about though :)

GBA Tile Demo Tile Demo

After playing with the bitmap modes (Mode3/4 - see above demo) I thought I would tackle the tile modes next. This demo uses two backgrounds made up of tiles, one for the sky/clouds and the other for the foreground. Both the backgrounds scroll horizontally but the foreground scrolls faster to create a parallax scrolling effect.

Big thanks to my good friend sulphur for his help on the blending code for this one :)



Here is a list of Game Boy Advance emulators, MappyVM is the one I use most often because of its excellent built in debugging support although its not the fastest kid on the block. If you are not using the emulator for development I would definately recommend Visualboy Advance, it is looking very good indeed and is pretty nippy!.

If you have any comments or feedback feel free to send me some email.