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cheryl - August 25, 2003
i looked at your site as alex recommended ti to me, i love children and thats what i do as a job i am a nursery nurse, and love working with children as u get so much out of them and learn so much and its very rewarding , i think its very nice of you to have your son jaiden on your site with pics off him hes gorgeous, all the best with your site. cheryl
Ming - April 26, 2003
Thank you for your GL4Java examples.
Note: uses or overrides a deprecated API.
Note: Recomplie with -deprecation for details.
E:\\javac -deprecation 194: warning: destroy() in gl4java.awt.GLCanvas has been deprecated
public void destroy()
^ warning: glMakeCurrent<boolean> in gl4java.GLContext has been deprecated
if (glj.gljMakeCurrent(true) == false)
2 warnings.
Because I'm OpenGL I don't know why there are 2 warnings...but the program can still run...
TheTutor - March 31, 2003
I was excited to find your site. Hope to get some time to look through your examples, but i think i've seen some of them already if i'm correct, i think they were on the nehe site.
Do you have a logo i can use to link to your site?
Jimmy - February 18, 2003
great site, got me interested in fluffing up my own web site... and putting up code here and there...
Marvin Huffaker - December 09, 2002
You have some good stuff on your site. Thanks.
ruby johal - December 05, 2002
me u to visit the site to get entertained & wishes u to sponser for it.
Van Passel Jaak - November 04, 2002
Almost the same first & family name. Where are you from ?
Maeda Mameo - September 20, 2002
Hello. I'm from Japan. I played "Jexed" and "HiLo" with big impression especially about it's dexterous graphics.
Zeb - August 13, 2002
Nice site - easy to navigate & extremely well presented!
SeraphimPunk - May 22, 2002
Hi, messing around with some opengl for java, thankful i stumbled onto your site, its taken a while to find some examples of code to pick up things from. One question though, the refresh on the applets: i installed on a win98 machine, though i usually use mac os9 or X, just at work now on the win machine. Its been necessary to click on the applet each time i use one of the keys. It doesnt refresh itself. Is there something i don't know about? or is there a way to change the code so it refreshes itself?
Great Site, Very helpful, thanks so much heh.
JointJunkie - April 30, 2002
Like it! its simple!
but could you tell me how to start with DX?
cos i dont get the tut on the site!
Ken Pokorski - April 18, 2002
Does MS have a community Grant program for communities needing infrastructure money.
BloB - March 27, 2002
hey Hodglim, nice site. i especially like the logo, it seem's i'll bug you to make some Ethereal logos ;)
mehdat - February 24, 2002
Matt Pilgrim - August 03, 2001
Cool Site. Good to see you are doing well.
Tabaranu Stefan-Florin - May 03, 2001
I want to ask you something.
You work with VJ sau JDK ?
Ronald "Sjaak" van Passel - April 26, 2001
Best compilation of stuph i've ever seen !
Thanx for sharing it. I'm just starting out with java. and these examples are the best.
At least I can learn from these..
be visiting..
Darren Sargent - April 17, 2001
Hi, same name ehh,anyway I would just like to say you have talent, this website is GREAT and I will be checking it whenever I get some spare time, so keep the games coming.
Max - April 10, 2001
many compliments for yor applet!!!!
neko-java - February 04, 2001
Wondetful Java!!
I open Java HP in order to introduce nice Javas to Japanese Java fans.
I'm planning to upload your ImageViewer Applet in a few days. If you have any trouble, e-mail me please.
I.S Park - January 15, 2001
good site! impressive java snow source!
thx. be happy!
Alex Carr - January 10, 2001
Good site mate. Haven't had a lengthy look around but what I have seen is impressive!
Earl Bradley - August 03, 2000
The longest a worm game has kept me occupied - good site. Like the OpenGl stuff. Who are you anyway? ;-)
Gary Simmons - August 01, 2000
Keep up the good work.
Frank Cseh - July 13, 2000
Promising web site!
I couldn't find any links like:
About us..
Add links..
Check out my web site, and add it to the Domino links section. ( if you want)
steve - July 11, 2000
No comments.
radde - June 16, 2000
I love you're work.
Olivier Vanderstraeten - April 10, 2000
Awesome site. Extremely informative OpenGL for Java section. Thanks!
Rodney Huffaker - March 11, 2000
Your java port of nehe's tutorials was great. It's good to have people around that are so helpful. Thanks a lot.
Anthony Rogers - January 22, 2000
Very very, cool to see someone helping in the OpenGL java world. Thank you. Your Lessions are helping me way more then i can put into words. i didnt think i'ed ever get this far into OpenGL. chears mate. :)
Marc Ueberall - January 20, 2000
Hi Darren!
Woo yeah! A guestbook! ;) I hope your site becomes great! The layout looks like it could do so! =)
Cu, Marc!