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July 24, 2002
QuickNotes is a useful little application that I wrote that allows you to store scraps of text, URL's, code etc. in a tree format and the data is stored in a Lotus Notes database (your Notes Journal by default). Anyone that uses Lotus Notes and thinks this sounds like a useful little app to have, check it out.
April 11, 2002
Jexed v2.0 is released!. This updated version of Jexed has been sitting on my hard drive for quite a while now gathering dust so I thought that it was about time that people got to play it!. The main addition to v2.0 is level pack support, so now there are loads more levels to enjoy. Go play! :)
August 03, 2001
Gameboy Advance section launched. Currently only has a demos section as I am learning how to program for this fun gadget. As soon as I have my first game up and running i'll add that to the section too.
July 27, 2001
Jexed version 1.2 released. Each level now has a password so that you can jump right back to where you left off. This update also has skin support to alter the look of the game, for now there are only 2 skins to play with (PalmOS and Wood). Please excuse my graphics skills :)
April 20, 2001
Another port from Mattias Ekstrand!, this time its lesson 19. Thanks again Mattias, keep em coming :)
April 10, 2001
Mattias Ekstrand just sent in a port of NeHe's OpenGL lesson 10. Thanks for your submission Mattias, very cool!.
March 07, 2001
Jexed applet added to the site, a port of the PalmOS game Vexed by James McCombe
August 25, 2000
A port of NeHe's OpenGL lesson 18 has been added to the site. The port was submitted by Lapo Luchini, thanks Lapo!.
July 19, 2000
Broke the site up into a few more sections. The front page will now contain the latest news while seperate sections of the site now deal with "About" and "Contact" along with a new "Articles" section which will store any good articles I find on my web travels. I keep losing or forgetting where all the good articles are so I thought i'd store them all here instead :)
Also, I just added the Worm applet!, go check it out, it's ground breaking!!! :)
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