Jexed is a port of a highly addictive puzzle game originally developed for the PalmOS by James McCombe called Vexed. James, being a very nice man, released the full source code to this excellent game under the GPL license so this applet is based on that code.

Playing the game is very simple, the aim of the game is to clear all the blocks from each level by positioning 2 or more boxes of the same type adjacent to each other, making them disappear. To move the blocks simply point to a block using the mouse, hold down the mouse button and drag in the direction you wish to move the block, release the mouse to send it on its way.

You can navigate through the levels using the arrow buttons along the bottom
If you find you are unable to complete the level, use the "Restart" icon in the bottom right to start over.
Finally, you can memorise the current state of a level by hitting the "M" (memorise) button, after which you can press the "R" (recall) button to restore the level to that point at any time.

Features Download (with source)

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