Jexed v2.0

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Here is an updated version of the Jexed game, based on version 2.0 of Vexed created by the team over at Unfortunately I haven't had the time to implement all the new features that are in version 2.0 of Vexed but I thought that I would add this updated version to the site anyway. It has been sitting on my hard drive for a while now and its about time people got to play it :)

Probably the biggest new feature in v2.0 is the level pack support, simply select a level pack from the list to load it up. Now the truely hard core Jexed fans out there can play till their hearts are content :). Also in this version you will notice that instead of displaying a password at the top of the screen, the level's title is displayed instead, you will need the level title if you want to continue from that level at a later time by typing it into the "Jump to level" box. The two numbers next to the level title show you how many moves you have taken so far, followed by the smallest number of moves it it possible to complete the level in (this should give you something to strive for :). Finally if you hold down the SHIFT key and click on a block, it will only display blocks of that type, this makes it easier to plan your next moves.

Playing the game is very simple, the aim of the game is to clear all the blocks from each level by positioning 2 or more boxes of the same type adjacent to each other, making them disappear. To move the blocks simply point to a block using the mouse, hold down the mouse button and drag in the direction you wish to move the block, release the mouse to send it on its way.

You can navigate through the levels using the arrow buttons along the bottom
If you find you are unable to complete the level, use the "Restart" icon in the bottom right to start over.
Also, you can memorise the current state of a level by hitting the "M" (memorise) button, after which you can press the "R" (recall) button to restore the level to that point at any time.


If you have any comments or feedback feel free to send me some email.