Domino Express

Current version: 1.0 (Beta 1)

Domino Express is a tool designed to help Lotus Notes developers distribute database design elements (forms, views, agents etc.) quickly and easily across multiple databases.

With the release of Lotus Notes v5, application development has been aided with new design features such as shared actions and image resources. These design features help developers by allowing certain design elements to be shared within the same database, however if you have a design element (a form or view for example) that needs to be distributed across a large set of databases you would traditionally have to create the design element in one database, then copy and paste it into each database that needed it. Then if it needed updating you would need to go through the whole copy/paste process again. When you have a common design element across a large number of databases this can be a very time consuming (and mind numbing!) process.

Domino Express makes distributing a database design element across multiple databases easy!

Using a simple 2 paned user interace the developer simply selects the source database and design element in the left pane, then selects any number of target databases in the right pane, click a button and the design element is copied to all target databases instantly!. The process is quick, easy and saves the developer a lot of tedious copying and pasting.

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